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3D Hunting™ Alaskan Hunt Full

0.99 usd

*** ONLY TODAY-- the full game for 99c!********* A NEW KIND OF FIREPOWER AWAITS YOU ON THE HUNT! ***
From the team who brought you 3D Hunting™ (Alaskan Hunt, Trophy Whitetail, Grizzly! Assault, Zombie Hunter and more) comes Alaskan Hunt Plus!, the in-your-face hunting arcade adventure. If you enjoy the kill more than the hunt - Alaskan Hunt Plus! is your ticket!
GAME FEATURES:- Unlock new weapons including a bow- Fire at will from your tree stand and harvest skins to upgrade your gear and weaponry- Automatic bullet cam adds pulse pounding excitement -follow the bullet's path to its destination- Damage mapping shows you the exact blood marks on your prey- Hunt endlessly, from dawn to dusk- This is the FULL version with no ads!- Optimized for both small and large screens
THE TRADING POSTSave your skins and visit the Trading Post at your leisure to purchase ammo, scope, camo, maps, additional weapons and more! Buy tags with skins, enabling you to legally hunt all of the wildlife in the area!
HUNT FROM DAWN TIL' DUSKHunt like there's no tomorrow! Start at morning, noon or dusk and hunt day after day, as a dramatic sky with weather patterns change above you, and new animals cross your path. There's no end to the hunting trip!